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How to increase traffic to your website

The best moment to increase website traffic is right now. Coronavirus pandemic consequences are being felt by businesses. Up till circumstances improve, a lot of businesses will struggle, and some might even fail. However, companies that are flexible might be able to use the internet to generate income. The secret is understanding how to quickly produce qualified website traffic.

Internet traffic has significantly increased as a result of the millions of people remaining at home to stop the spread of COVID-19. An spike in internet traffic of more than 50% was recorded by Akamai, a significant content delivery network (CDN) and cybersecurity supplier. A traffic increase is also being seen for other well-known brands like Netflix.

To withstand the economic downturn, COVID-19-affected businesses should use the internet. However, not many organisations are in a position to accomplish this. In light of this, the following strategies are efficient for boosting website traffic quickly:

 Speed up your website

Google has openly confirmed that site speed is a significant ranking factor for search engines. Your ranking positions may rise as a result of faster web page loading times. Your website will consequently see an increase in traffic.

Implementation may need speaking with your web developer. But here are some strategies for making your web pages load faster.

1. Enable Gzip server-side compression. The simplest method is to make changes to a file on your server called “.htaccess.” 2. CSS, JavaScript, and HTML resources should be minified to reduce their size.
3. Lessen the frequency of redirection 4. Render-blocking JavaScript should be eliminated or minimised.
5. By specifying expiration dates for popular pages, you can take advantage of browser caching. 6. You can speed up your server’s response time by upgrading your existing hosting plan, or you can transfer web hosts entirely.
7. Create an account with a content delivery network (CDN), such as Cloudflare or Godaddy CDN. 8. Optimise your photos by reducing their size

 YouTube video marketing

Now is a fantastic moment to start publishing video material, if you haven’t already. Increase your output if you already use video marketing. As a result of COVID-19, more individuals are staying at home, increasing video consumption.

The fastest approach to now get free organic website traffic is possibly through YouTube. The website tops the charts for sharing videos. Additionally, traffic on all streaming services has increased.

Utilize this trend for your business. Increase your traffic by utilising video in ways that benefit customers. That traffic can bring in money for your company with a little creative thinking.

Start considering YouTube usage options. As an illustration, a dancing studio might use YouTube Live to conduct its classes. Even if they are not leaving their homes, the audience can still see the event live.

Leverage these social networks

In general, more people will consume online content as a result of COVID-19. So now would be a great opportunity to review your content strategy. On your website and on social media, you can increase content creation. The three main potential for website traffic at the moment are the networks listed below.


Utilizing Reddit can significantly increase website traffic. In fact, certain subreddits have recently experienced a 20–50% boost in traffic on the platform.

You should participate in pertinent subreddits if you want to use Reddit for traffic. These are forums with a focus on particular subjects. Increase your “Karma” points by responding to other people’s postings. A Reddit points system is being used to reduce spam. When your links and comments are upvoted, you receive Karma points.

You should be aware that you cannot post links in some subreddits without first earning some Karma.

How to use Reddit, in brief:

  • Make an account.
  • Complete every field on your profile.
  • Join the subreddits that are pertinent to you.
  • Spend a few days participating in relevant subreddits by leaving comments on other people’s posts.
  • Continue to participate on Reddit while beginning to share your own material.


A 70% increase in time spent on Facebook’s apps is causing a boom in website traffic. Therefore, Facebook advertisements may be a good addition to your plan. By posting on the platform and taking part in discussions, you can potentially increase organic traffic to your website.


Fast website traffic can be obtained using the Q&A network Quora. Questions pertaining to or in support of the goods associated with your brand will be required of you. Finally, include links to your website whenever appropriate. Instead of spamming, resist the desire and learn how to utilise Quora to promote your company.

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Make use of popular websites

Websites with a lot of daily traffic, like Forbes, should notice an increase in readership. You can get in touch with these websites to work together. The other party’s and your company’s websites will see an increase in visitors. If the site doesn’t go offline, the traffic will likewise continue for a long time.

Finding numerous popular websites to collaborate on is effective. Make certain that any website you collaborate with has the same target audience and isn’t a rival.

Make use of unused on-page SEO possibilities.

The technical marketing discipline of SEO is one that not many people are familiar with. As a result, many businesses overlook their on-page SEO chances. The following are the most frequent errors made by businesses:

  1. Meta title and meta description texts aren’t used effectively.
  2. Headings on web pages are not properly enclosed in HTML elements.
  3. The desired term is not present in the URL or website address.
  4. No subheadings are present.
  5. Internal linking is rarely used.

Your website’s search engine traffic can quickly increase with effective on-page SEO. Most likely, you have unutilized on-page SEO options. If you want to master this area of SEO, you might want to use a reputable on-page SEO checklist.

use paid advertisements

Paid advertising can be a very effective way to drive traffic to your website. This is because you may utilise targeting options to show your pages to those who are likely to interact with them.

Decide on the goal(s) you want to attain and establish a defined procedure before using paid advertising. You’ll be less likely to waste money this way. Not always do more visitors translate into more customers. ROI will vary depending on the media you use (such as social media, search engines, etc.) and how your target audience behaves.

Increase your email marketing efforts

Have you used email marketing to generate leads from the traffic to your website? If not, it’s never too late to start. If you don’t already have a sizable email list, you might want to concentrate on all the other recommendations in this post.

If you’ve been building your email list, it could be a speedy source of traffic. Your email list may have some subscribers who have become leads and others who are still debating whether to sign up. Create email marketing plans for each of those groups.

Numerous people may visit your website as a result of one effective email and an alluring offer.

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